Personalizing Treatment for Colorectal Cancers

Through his research with the UW Carbone Cancer Center, Dustin Deming, MD, wants to fundamentally change the way that colorectal cancer is treated to a more personalized approach.

In the majority of cases, each patient with colorectal cancer is treated very similarly. We know, however, that colorectal cancer is actually a collection of many different subtypes of cancer with unique genetic and other molecular changes occuring. Together with Dr. Richard Halberg, an assistant professor with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, we are creating novel mouse models of colorectal cancer that allow us to investigate how some of these key differences in cancers change the tumor biology, including response to therapies. The eventual goal is to develop treatment strategies that are best suited for individual types of colorectal cancer.

Funds donated to Dr. Deming's research will be used to: 

  • Generate colon cancers, using our novel model system, that contain multiple common and important mutations (abnormalities in the DNA) 
  • Treat with targeted therapies attaching growth signals within the cancer cells 
  • Monitor for tumor response using a colonoscope to biopsy tumors before and after treatment 
  • Perform laboratory tests to determine why some tumors responded and others did not
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